Instagram for Everyone: Debunking the Myths

Instagram is the world’s leading social media network for people obsessed with videos and pictures. Since its inception in October 2010, the company has grown leaps and bounds to become a 150 million community. Instagram’s stature of growth was evident when we saw Facebook shelling out a whopping $1billion+ to add the image-sharing network to their list of big billion buys of Whatsapp, Oculus VR and LiveRail. As it stands in 2021, Instagram is not seen as an online app but as a way of living. On average, 60 million pictures are shared every day by a large community of active users that has passed 150 million in numbers.

Instagram for Everyone

Instagram for Windows

When you go through the facts mentioned above with regards to the growth of Instagram, it becomes more unlikely to digest the reality that Instagram never supported Windows phones until late 2013. The launch wasn’t an official product rollout and was limited to a beta version only. The Windows users had to use third-party apps like 6tag and Instance for sharing pictures on Instagram till then. It took Instagram 3 more years to finally come out with an official app for Windows 10 mobile. Since then, it’s been a smooth journey for Microsoft-bound users. However, new users may find it overwhelming to use some of the features here as some totally different experience to what they used to face with their android counterparts. Let’s have a look at a few of those essential functions:

How to post a picture on Instagram?

  • To click a new picture or upload one saved in your phone gallery, press the button.
  • Next, to upload a picture from your phone memory, click on Library at the rear end of your screen and select the image you want to upload.
  • Select Photo at the rear end of your screen for clicking a new picture, and then tap
  • For selfies, press the button to switch between the front and the rear camera. Use the  button to turn on/off the flash.
  • Once the picture is added, you’ll see additional options to add effects, filters, current location and caption. The same applies when you add videos as well.

How to post a Video?

  • Check out the bottom of your screen and tap on the button.
  • For uploading a video, click on the Library button and choose the video you want to upload.
  • If you want to record a new video, click on Video at the rear end of your screen. Click and hold to begin recording, release when to stop.
  • Press to switch between front and back camera while shooting.
  • For longer videos, we suggest you record them normally via your phone camera and then upload them by pressing the Library button.
  • The video upload function does not work if you are using Instagram on your Windows Computer.

How to find people to follow on Instagram?

Following people on Instagram is easy and can be done in three ways. Firstly, upload your phone contacts on Instagram. Secondly, by use the Instagram suggestion feature, which works on your search history and interests. And third, search for people you want to follow via the search button. Let’s see how to do it:

  • For adding contacts, press the button or your profile pic at the rear end of your mobile screen.
  • Click the button on the top-right of your screen and then press the button.
  • Click Accounts and then click on Contacts Syncing.
  • Tap the button to connect contacts and get started.
  • For following Instagram recommended accounts, first click on the button to view notifications.
  • Press the Follow button below the person name you want to follow.
  • To search people you know, press the button and type the name of the person you want to follow.

Instagram Direct

As the name suggests, Instagram Direct enables the users to send direct messages, videos and images to anyone on Instagram. These messages won’t appear anywhere in public like feed, stories and comments.

With Instagram Direct, you can send the following types of messages to anyone on the platform:

  • Pictures or videos from both uploads and phone library
  • Content from the feed
  • Stories
  • Profiles
  • Text messages
  • Hashtags
  • Location

How to use Instagram Direct?

For using Instagram Direct, press direct or messenger in the top right of the page. From here, you can 

  • Send new messages 
  • View past messages and replies
  • Begin group conversations 
  • Create Instagram Polls

How does Instagram Direct work?

Instagram Direct is developed keeping in mind that it disrupts no one’s privacy. Your message to a follower will appear in their inbox, whereas it pops up as a message request if the receiver isn’t your follower. They can then choose to decide whether they want to keep receiving messages from you or not. If they accept your request once, your future texts will go to their inbox irrespective of them being your follower or not.

Privacy on Instagram

Sharing content has become easier since Instagram Direct was rolled out, December 2013 to be exact. Unlike old times you don’t have to tag a person or share something on your feed to make it visible for that person. The public nature of shared content causes a privacy concern, as people linked to you can view the shared content. But with Instagram Direct, one can simply share the content directly to a person’s inbox with or without additional text without worrying about content privacy. 

Instagram has come up with three security features that safeguard the right to privacy of Instagram’s community of 150 million users. Report, Restrict, and Block are three features that help limit or block communication with specific individuals.

Restrict: When you want to stay connected with a person but limit their access, use the Restrict feature. Go to their profile, click on three dots on the top-right of your screen, and press Restrict. This way, they won’t be able to read comments on your posts. Also, their messages will go in the message request section. Thus, they won’t get to know whether you’ve read their texts or not unless you accept the message request.

Report: If someone sends you an abusive text message on Instagram Direct, long-press the message and click on report. If it’s a video or image you want to report, select the three dots on the top-right of your screen and tap report. 

Block: If you’re very annoyed with anyone on Instagram and don’t want to stay connected by any means, then use the Block feature. Go to their profile, tap the three dots and tap block. Any blocked person won’t be able to see your profile, message or follow you on Instagram.

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